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Imperialsim †proper and legitimate course Essay

Have you at any point needed something since you believed you merited it? Since forever individuals have needed to extend and take what they needed. It is human instinct to need things and set objectives to secure those needs. Government was an appropriate and authentic strategy for the U.S. Colonialism is the best possible thing for America to rehearse. Reverend Josiah Strong composed Our Country expressing, â€Å"The most noteworthy human progress will spread itself over the earth. â€Å"This implies that Americas are better than all the individuals who we took the place that is known for. Alfred T. Mahan composed The Interest of America in Sea Power which says, â€Å"The developing creation of the nation requests it.† This implies America needs to extend to permit more individuals to buy our items. President McKinley stated, â€Å"we couldn't leave them to themselves they were unfit for self government.† This implies our method of government is such a great amount of better than theirs in our eyes that we should assume control over them to enable them to succeed. Albert Beveridge, a Republican congressperson from Indiana stated, â€Å"Almighty God He has checked us as His picked people.† This implies it’s our inherent option to seek after more land. Henry Cabot Lodge expressed â€Å"Taking Philippines doesn't abuse the standards of the Declaration of Independence, yet will spread them among a people who have never known liberty.† This implies he need us to constrain opportunity on the Philippines and in the long run more individuals. Dominion is genuine and appropriate anyway a few people can't help contradicting this announcement. Representative George F. Hoar says â€Å"under the Declaration of Independence you can't oversee an outside region, a remote people, another individuals than your own†. This being said implies that numerous things America has done conflicts with the announcement which is baseless. Against Imperialist League stated, we hold that the strategy know as dominion is threatening to freedom and inclines toward militarism, a shrewdness from which it has been out wonder to be free.† This is essentially saying that government is malicious and conflicts with freedom. Taking everything into account, Imperialism was an appropriate and authentic strategy forâ the U.S. Colonialism is a dubious theme that can end up being simply or not from multiple points of view. At long last if America expanded we would of squandered or genuine potential to be what we are presently. In the event that one this dominion isn’t exactly how ever, at that point for what reason will there choice issue on the grounds that without land there would be overpopulation and absence of regularly utilized assets.

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The Purple Rose of Cairo free essay sample

Film has caught and captivated crowds since its start with the Lumiere Brothers; and, as it created, it was utilized to pass on messages and thoughts. Film began to turn into an innovative outlet that at that point went to an impetus of philosophical idea. Film scholar Sergei Einstein communicated that film â€Å"as a masterpiece, saw progressively, is only the way toward organizing pictures in the emotions and psyche of the spectator†. In this manner, chiefs started to understand that crowd control was conceivable through the pictures and sounds they conveyed, just as through the manner in which these pictures and sounds were introduced everything has an impact of how watchers thought of and deciphered the movies. This is particularly clear in the German movie, Triumph of Will, coordinated by Leni Reifenstahl. While the film is splendidly made, with moving cameras, the usage of long center focal points, aeronautical photography, and a progressive way to deal with melodic backup, the film was additionally extraordinarily propagandistic and manipulative at the hour of it’s discharge. We will compose a custom article test on The Purple Rose of Cairo or then again any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page The whole film is a vehicle to advance the philosophies of Hitler; starting with Germany’s close devastation in World War I and portraying Hitler as a savior, sliding from the skies to welcome his intense supporters. In the initial minutes of the film, there are close-up and over-the-shoulder shots of Hitler, causing him to appear to be fairly charming, worshiped, and to some degree respectable. There are additionally shots of youngsters moving toward him, demonstrating that the thoughts of honesty and virtue are to be viewed as corresponding to the perspectives and objectives Hitler himself. Stylishly, the whole film is amazingly done, and politically its manipulative forces are surprising. By indicating Germany as bound together under the awesome standard of Hitler, it united the country and made one of the most damaging and incredible countries during the 1940s. While film can be utilized as publicity, as in Nazi Germany, it can likewise be utilized to incite thought, instead of control it, control it, or beguile it. In Woody Allen’s film The Purple Rose of Cairo, the crowd is pushed to move past the presence of things and think about different universes, different points of view. For the champion, Cecilia, film is a getaway and an unthinkable motivation. As indicated by the imaginary film (The Purple Rose of Cairo), the purple rose itself should develop in a pharaoh’s tomb the statement of an ideal love. Be that as it may, no bloom can develop without light creation it an unthinkable motivation. As per Plato, and to halfway to Allen, our relationship with truth is fairly bleak. At the point when we go to motion pictures we are a lot of like Plato’s prisoners, tied confronting a cavern divider, just observing a universe of shadows our existence is suspended. However, another point is made; despite the fact that we can be beguiled by shadows, we are additionally equipped for understanding and addressing anything, shadows notwithstanding. Truly, film is a departure from the real world and having the option to genuinely get away from a fairly repulsive life is unbelievably brilliant, however that is simply it is a thought. Change must be welcomed on without anyone else, not a questionable outside source, and flawlessness is a figment. I as a watcher completely love the amazing way Allen presents these belief systems in The Purple Rose of Cairo. He gives it a flighty perspective, setting up a progression of differences among flawlessness and defect, reality and dream, adoring somebody and being infatuated with somebody, that drives us to consider film well as the real substance of the film. Furthermore, this all binds back to Plato’s â€Å"Allegory of the Cave†; our life is hidden and we should seek to leave and become less reliant on the shadow world. Is fascinating that, in the film, Allen makes the crowd uncertain of which world is the shadow world and which is the figment. The ideal world turns into the film world and the bogus one is the ideal reality. As diversion, the film is extraordinary a silly rom-com with a not exactly cheerful consummation; yet thoughtfully it goes a lot further than that, inciting crowds to consider reality and the significance of blemish. While regarding the matter of defect, a third film requests some consideration. Alejandro Amenabar’s The Sea Inside presents a totally different point of view on what flawlessness in life is. Numerous individuals consider self destruction to be a childish demonstration expelling yourself from the lives of your friends and family far sooner than they would have enjoyed. Be that as it may, the subject of who is progressively narrow minded is presented. Is it the individuals who expel themselves when they feel no more association with life; or the individuals who expect the individuals who need to leave to remain, paying little mind to their hopelessness or sentiments of lacking genuine association with the liveliness of life? Along these lines are the issues introduced to crowds after survey this film. In my brain, everybody ought to have the opportunity to pick the existence they need to live, or not live; and to pick what meaning they remove from said life. In Clendine’s â€Å"The Good Short Life†, it is said that we discuss living, yet never of death. That â€Å"we go about as though confronting demise weren’t one of life’s most noteworthy, most retaining thrills and challenges† and that being muddled and stationary until one just considers companions to be family as â€Å"a passing cloud†. Both Clendine and Ramon didn’t need to get their friends and family through that, and taking one’s life appeared to be the best arrangement. Both were â€Å"vital as far as possible, and knew when to leave†. As I would see it, in the event that somebody has authentic, legitimate motivations to need to leave this world, (for example, a degenerative ailment), that they reserve a privilege to do as such. What's more, on the off chance that they can't voluntarily because of that degenerative ailment, I imagine that others (doctors, relatives, companions) ought to be lawfully allowed to help them. They shouldn’t be committed to help, however on the off chance that they give assent and are happy to help, I figure they ought to be allowed. Imprint from Breathing Lessons and Ramon were likewise comparative on a couple of levels, yet Mark had more expectation and assurance to live with respect. Dissimilar to Ramon who considered his to be as undignified, Mark saw it more as too much testing. Imprint despite everything wanted life however thought about self destruction, yet â€Å"chickened out† indicating that he did genuinely still need to live. Ramon, be that as it may, was lost in his despairing and wistfulness for the past, deciding to dismiss the potential outcomes the future could bring. I believe that it is an individual decision and that every individual ought to be given the freedom of settling on that decision. The expression â€Å"dying with dignity† consistently helps me to remember greek folklore when embarrassed warriors would hurl themselves on their blades for a noteworthy demise, as opposed to live in modesty. I think Ramon considered his to be as additionally mortifying and in this way needed to hurl himself on his blade, as it were. With this, I feel that the US ought to have a â€Å"death with dignity† law. Everybody has a privilege to life, just as a privilege to death. Film is one of the most compelling and ground-breaking media. It’s abilities to incite, develop, and control crowd thought is inconceivable and worth examining. The developments that film itself has experienced the measure of sorts it contains, enhancements, and headways in sound all add to film overall, and all add to the magnificence of how film is made and suspends the truth of watchers if just for an hour or two.

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How to Buy an Engagement Ring With Bad Credit

How to Buy an Engagement Ring With Bad Credit How to Buy an Engagement Ring With Bad Credit How to Buy an Engagement Ring With Bad CreditA low credit score isnt any reason to call off an engagementâ€"but that doesnt mean you should be forking over three-months salary either.Congratulations! Youve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with! In a world full of bad Tinder dates, you scored a keeper, and that  is no easy feat.  Now all thats left to do is find a ring and plan the perfect proposal.The thing is engagement rings are, uh, expensive. According to a recent survey from Wedding Wire, the average cost of an engagement ring is $4,758â€"not exactly chump change!So how can you get the bling you need to adorn her ring finger  when your budget is tight and your credit is shot? Never fear! There are  myriad ways someone with bad credit can snap up an engagement ring.Throw out the old rules.  Have you heard of the three-month rule?  Thats the  outdated notion that whoever is buying the engagement ring  (typically the dude) must spend the equivalent of THREE MONTHS SALARY on it.If youre considering getting engaged, youve probably heard about this expectation, and if youre the one doing the asking, youve likely spent a good amount of time stressing about  that.Heres the thing, though. You dont need to follow that rule. Think about it: that rule is insane. Most Americans dont even have $1,000 in savings, let alone three months of their salary ready to be spent on a diamond ring.If you DO have three months salary squirreled away, its probably in an emergency fund, and not something you can just liquidate to buy a symbol of your love for your partner. Think of what else that kind of money could buyâ€"it could be a down payment on a house, a seriously decadent honeymoon, a car, or even groceries for a year.If your future  fiancé(e) is likely to throw a fit about the price of his or her ring, you might want to reconsider tying your life to theirs forever.If all else fails, buy something you can afford for now, and start saving so you can ev entually replace it with something a little flashier.Open a credit card with a no-interest intro period.Because so few Americans have the money for an engagement ring already saved up, many cash-strapped lovers  turn to the noble credit card in order to finance their engagement dreams. But this approach  can be tricky.Even if you have a credit card with a limit that exceeds your three-month threshold, using it to charge a pricey engagement ring can cost you serious cash in the long run. Think about the interest that would  accrue every month on a $5,000 balance â€" its not pretty.If you insist on charging it,  the best thing to do  is to open a new credit card with an introductory zero-percent APR promotional period.  Typically these periods last for six, 12 or 18 months, during which time  you wont be charged interest on your credit card balance.If you can pay off the price of the ring within that time, you wont have paid a cent more than its retail value.Try financing through your jewelry store.The problem with relying on credit cards to buy an engagement ring? Not everyone has access to the same level of credit. Those zero-percent APR cards are typically only offered to people with good credit, so if you have bad creditâ€"or worseâ€"NO credit,  youre gonna be out of luck.Still, many jewelry stores offer zero-percent APR financing for customers, with a catch, of course. That catch? Youll be signing up for a store credit card. This sounds OK in theory, but in practice, it could get you into some hot financial waters.The amount youll be charging will likely be towards the top of your available credit limit on that card, your credit utilization rate will skyrocket, which  could bring down your score significantly until you can pay off that balance.Additionally, when that no-interest period (usually around six months) is up, if you havent yet paid off your purchase in full, you could be charged interest from the date of purchase, which kind of defeats the point. Look for vintage or pawned jewelry.  Do you really want to buy your future  spouse an expensive cookie-cutter ring? Why not look for options that fit their unique personality,  a ring  that none of their friends will be flaunting on their fingers.Check your local vintage shops for one-of-a-kind pieces  that wont break the bank. If your partner is more of a traditionalist, try your local pawn shop for more a more up-to-date selection of diamond rings at a fraction of their retail cost.Dont die for diamond.Yeah,  diamonds are pretty. Theyre sparkly and clear and they look like shiny, unmelted ice. We get it! But diamonds have only recently become the go-to stone for engagements, and there are other stones out there with a similar look and feel that dont cost as much as a used car. For example:Man-made (or lab-grown) diamonds:  Chemically, these are exactly the same as mined diamonds, but theyre typically priced 15 to 20 percent less than their Earth-grown counterparts.Moissanite:  Thi s crystal-clear stone is almost as tough as a diamond, and, according to TIME, actually has greater brilliance and fire  (gemologist jargon for sparkle and light-dispersion). Plus, moissanite is naturally found in meteorites, which makes it the perfect  stone for the star in your life.Ruby, emerald, topaz, etc:  Whats your sweethearts favorite color? Chances are, its not clear. Find out and buy a ring with a gemstone in that color. Even the more precious stones like ruby or  sapphire cost a fraction of the price of a comparably-sized diamond.Plain metal:  If your future spouse isnt the flashy type, get a solid gold or silver band instead.  My dad  proposed to my mom with a simple silver ring he found at an Irish flea market,  reports one of our bloggers. Theyve been married almost 30 years and she still wears it to this day.Take out a personal loan.  This is not a good option. Well say it again: if you are considering taking out a personal loan in order to finance a piece of jewelry , you should revaluate. There are cheaper options out there, and you shouldnt need to spend three months salary on this ring, no matter what it signifies to you.That being said, if  you cant be talked out of borrowing money in order to buy an engagement ring, you need to make sure youre doing it the right way.Dont be taken in by predatory lenders hawking sketchy no credit check loans like payday loans or cash advances. They might give you cash quickly, but you could end up in a cycle of debt that could affect your  finances (and your marriage!) for years to come.If youre going to take out a bad credit loan to fund an engagement ring purchase, make sure its an installment loan from a credible, responsible lender  that wont drag you down.If your lender isnt reporting on-time payments to the credit bureaus, doesnt give you an easy-to-understand summary of your loan terms, and doesnt offer longer-term payment options that bring down your monthly costs, you should reconsider borrowing fr om them, especially if you dont need to.Remember, at the end of the day, you dont need an engagement ring to get engaged. All you need is love. If you still want to buy a rock for your rock, go for it! Just make sure you stay within your means so you dont start off your married life on the wrong financial foot.To learn more about living with bad credit, check out these related posts and articles from OppLoans:Is Bad Credit Contagious?If You Have Bad Credit, Should You Buy or Lease a Car?How to Get an Apartment With Bad CreditWhat are some ways you or your spouse saved money on an engagement ring? We want to hear from you!  You can  email us  or you can find us on  Facebook  and  Twitter.

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Essay on the Role of Women in Ancient Greece - 14417 Words

Econ Gov (2009) 10:221–245 DOI 10.1007/s10101-009-0059-x ORIGINAL PAPER â€Å"Rulers ruled by women†: an economic analysis of the rise and fall of women’s rights in ancient Sparta Robert K. Fleck  · F. Andrew Hanssen Received: 10 January 2008 / Accepted: 27 May 2008 / Published online: 20 March 2009  © Springer-Verlag 2009 Abstract Until modern times, most women possessed relatively few formal rights. The women of ancient Sparta were a striking exception. Although they could not vote, Spartan women reportedly owned 40 percent of Sparta’s agricultural land, and enjoyed other rights that were equally extraordinary. We offer a simple economic explanation for the Spartan anomaly. The deï ¬ ning moment for Sparta was its conquest of a†¦show more content†¦In brief, we conclude that the unusual rights possessed by Spartan women resulted from the fact that these women were expected to perform tasks that were very valuable to men, and also very costly for men to monitor. By contrast, in most societies prior to the industrial revolution (including the rest of ancient Greece), the highest value use of women’s time (from a man’s perspective) was in tasks that either were easily monitored or had few incentive compatibility problems (i.e., raising children and other traditional †Å"women’s work†). Therefore, most 1 Quoted in Pomeroy (2002, p. 81). 2 Sparta produced little in the way of great art, architecture, or philosophy, and was famous primarily for its ï ¬ erce devotion to warfare. The historian Thucydides wrote, â€Å"If Sparta were deserted and only its temples and its ground plan left, future generations would never believe that its power had matched its reputation† (quoted in Forrest 1969, p. 28). 3 For an economic analysis of the political institutions of Athens and Sparta, see Fleck and Hanssen (2006). 4 Of course, there have always been individual women who had great power and enjoyed great wealth (e.g., Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth, Catherine the Great). And, of course, many men in many societies have not been allowed to own property. But anything even approaching equalityShow MoreRelatedEssay about role of women in ancient greece and egypt2396 Words   |  10 Pages The Role of Women in Ancient Greece and Egypt Throughout history, most societies held women in an inferior status compared to that of men. This was often justified as being the natural result of biological differences between the sexes. In many societies, for example, people believed women to be more emotional and less decisive than men. Women were also viewed to be less intelligent and less creative by nature. However, research shows that women and men have the same range of emotional, intellectualRead MoreVisual Representations Are Understood Through Visual Perceptual Skills1396 Words   |  6 Pagesd.). In Ancient Greece, only elites could afford art, therefore Greek visual representations portrayed the elites’ ideology. It is a cycle of reinforcement where social and cultural values were represented through art works that played a major role in Greeks’ everyday life. The constant appearance of these values in each Greeks’ visual perception creates a reflection that further strengthens such values. One o f the major sociocultural values was the enforcement of gender roles where women were inferiorRead MoreAnalysis Of The Odyssey 1689 Words   |  7 Pagesthan the women. Shortly after, the first description of any womanly figure is â€Å"bewitching† (Homer 1996: 2), which shows that as the epic progresses, the description of most female adversaries would be negative. In Hippolytus, Aphrodite begins by saying that she â€Å"treats well who revere her power† but â€Å"trips up those who are proud (averse) to her† (Euripides 2001: 2). This starts the play by painting women as vengeful and emotional. The focus on the men rather than the women, shows Ancient Greece’sRead MoreThe Early History Of The Western Civilization1344 Words   |  6 Pages000 years since the appearance of the first civilizations in the ancient Near East (Instructor, 2016). This history is highlighted by the rise of many different kingdoms and empires each with contributions to modern w estern cultures. The following essay will describe the Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and Ancient Egyptians. Ancient Greece (800 B.C. and 500 B.C.) a moderately complex period in the world history. Even though ancient Greece had the most advanced technology, art, and poetry but well knownRead MoreComparing Women Of Athens And Sparta1002 Words   |  5 PagesThe position and roles of women in society have generally improved over time. These factors, however, differ from region to region because different properties determine them. They include laws, cultures, and community set up. The same elements described the position and roles of women in ancient Greece. The two major cities with contrasting perceptions of women were Athens and Spartan. These areas had different cultures and set ups. Athens was a developed city at the time and consisted of a numberRead More The Roles of Greek and Roman Women Essay1665 Words   |  7 PagesGreek and Roman women lived in a world where strict gender roles were given; where each person was judged in terms of compliance with gender-specific standards of con duct. Generally, men were placed above women in terms of independence, control and overall freedom. Whereas men lived in the world at large, active in public life and free to come and go as they willed, womens lives were sheltered. Most women were assigned the role of a homemaker, where they were anticipated to be good wives andRead MoreHow Did The Religion Of Ancient Greeks Played A Role?1201 Words   |  5 PagesKenzay Rivers Ms. Finney How did the religion of ancient Greeks played a role in their daily lives? 10 November 2016 How did the religion of ancient Greeks played a role in their daily lives? In the ancient Greek world, religion was personal, direct, and present in its citizens’ daily lives. During this time, they participated in animal sacrifices and offerings, created myths to explain the beginning of the human race and gave reverence to their gods by building temples which controlled theRead MoreThe Roles of Women in Ancient Greece and the Reasons for their Subordination967 Words   |  4 PagesThe Roles of Women in Ancient Greece and the Reasons for their Subordination Women in Greece were treated very differently from the men, they were thought of as less and weak men. The men controlled the lives of the women and made sure the women felt this way and knew their place. â€Å"Married women in Greece had three main jobs raise their children for the sake of Athens, show no weakness than was natural to their sex and avoid gossip.†(J. Coffin R. Stacey 125).This was thought by all men in GreeceRead MoreGreek Goddess And Greek Women874 Words   |  4 PagesThis review attempts to analyze the Greek goddess Athena as well as Greek women whose function in society contrasts with the roles of a goddess. This topic is of relevance to feminist’s who are smashing down barriers on stereotypes of women, this study attempts to shed some light to recognize the roles of Athena and Greek women. Past research has analyzed the differences between Greek women and Athena on how they contrast with responsibilities. What is often ignored is the complexity of both individualsRead MoreAthens And Sparta Vs. Sparta883 Words   |  4 PagesIn ancient Greece there were two major polises which allowed the Greek culture to achieve greatness during the 400-500 B.C.E. era. These two polises were Athens and Sparta; both city states differed in many ways before the start of the Persian War. There were low rugged mountains that separated these two city states so communication and travel were difficult. The government of these two city states can be seen as a primary difference between the two. Draco, Solon, Pisistratus, and Cleithenes were

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Epic of Gilgamesh a Hero Essay - 1615 Words

People have been fascinated by tales of heroism for centuries. In ancient Mesopotamia, heroes give people hope and comfort, and fill them with strength. Ancient Mesopotamia is filled with tales of heroes- mighty warriors battling monsters, men ready to risk life and limb to save their true love or to fight for their nation. Still, there is a great difficulty that lies in defining what a hero truly is. Strength alone does not make a hero; nor does intelligence. Moreover, the Epic of Gilgamesh truly defines the definition of a hero. Gilgamesh is portrayed as a true hero through his skill, intelligence, willingness to die, reverence, and his respect for death. Throughout the entire epic, Gilgamesh demonstrates outrageous skill as a†¦show more content†¦He rows so hard and fast that is says, â€Å"Half way through all that pulling, Gilgamesh had worn the oars to bits.† Even Utnapishtim could not believe what he saw and says, â€Å"I do see, but I am blind. I do know, but cannot understand how he behaves like the beasts of here and there.† All of these things prove that he has the skill of a warrior and leadership ability beyond imagination, but that is not all that is required to be a hero. Intelligence builds the basis of a heroic individual, as well. Gilgamesh was a very intelligent leader. He shows throughout the entire epic a sense of foresight that keeps him safe and his city powerful. It is known, that a good leader must prove that he is powerful, and that he can defend his people in the best way possible. Gilgamesh knew that by fighting the terrible beast Humbaba he would prove to his people that he was strong and powerful and could out wit even the strongest beast. He tells Enkidu that, â€Å"All glory will be ours if now we conquer this unprecedented foe and risk the woe that frightens others.† He also shows foresight by respecting his mother’s wisdom when she told him that Enkidu was his true friend. Additionally, throughout the entire epic Gilgamesh looks to his mother, â€Å"who is wise and worries not,† for advice and counseling on things to do and the right paths to take in his life. Looking to those who are wise and more intelligent, isShow MoreRelatedEpic Of Gilgamesh : The Epic Hero1641 Words   |  7 PagesGilgamesh is an ancient Mesopotamian hero, featured in the famous tale of â€Å"The Epic of Gilgamesh†, who embarks on a perilous quest for immortality. This idea, â€Å"†¦touches on the most fundamental questions of what it actually means to be human†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Homer 33), and gives us light into the minds of the people during the era. Gilgamesh’s tale gives us a glimpse at how the people of that day viewed a â€Å"hero†, and allows us to reflect upon what we consider a â€Å"hero† today. Using the Epic Hero Cycle, I will analyzeRead MoreThe Hero Of The Epic Of Gilgamesh911 Words   |  4 Pagesstereotypical, sympathetic hero; the Batmans and Supermans who lose their parents in tragic circumstances and devote their lives to vanquishing evil. That however, is not the way heroes have always been portrayed. When we look at The Epic of Gilgamesh we see the archetype of every hero since, however, we are not overcome with a desire to see Gilgamesh succeed. On the hand, if we fast forward two thousand years and look at a hero from Africa named Sundiata who is very similar to Gilgamesh in many aspects, weRead MoreThe Hero Of The Epic Of Gilgamesh1759 Words   |  8 Pages In the â€Å"Epic of Gilgamesh†, it is easy to conclude that Gilgamesh, the protagonist of the story, is the hero. In â⠂¬Å"Like Mayflies in a Stream†, Gilgamesh is merely a scary person who appears in the story here or there rather than being the protagonist. Instead, Shamhat is the main person that the story focuses on, but the book is imprecise on one hero of the entire story. There are numerous characters that could reflect hero aspects such as going on a quest, having another to help guide them, or facingRead MoreThe Epic Of Gilgamesh : The Jeopardy Of A Hero1271 Words   |  6 PagesThe Jeopardy of a Hero The Epic of Gilgamesh was an epic poem from ancient Mesopotamia. The Epic of Gilgamesh, is often known as the earliest surviving great work of literature, by an unknown author but translated by N.K. Sanders. The epic poem, tells a creative story about a bold hero named Gilgamesh. The Epic of Gilgamesh is a story that takes place in Summer of Uruk, in the Middle East around 2700 B.C. Gilgamesh is half man, half god. Enkidu, Gilgamesh’s friend is a man that was created fromRead MoreThe Characteristics Of A Hero Journey In The Epic Of Gilgamesh1035 Words   |  5 PagesIt it no surprise that the hero story is present in a variety of the arts ranging from the earliest surviving work of literature, to children’s books, to modern day motion picture masterpieces. The characteristics of a hero have withstood the test of time, and remained remarkably similar. Traits of a modern day hero can be traced back to â€Å"The Epic of Gilgamesh† which dates back to two-thousand BC. This reflects the power of a hero and its message that it portrays to audiences of all ages and backgroundsRead MoreA Hero in the Epic of Gilgamesh and The Novel Monkey1858 Words   |  8 Pages Hero is a word that is commonplace in our society. We seem to always be able to turn on the latest news story and find the newest local man who saved that beautiful kitten from that building that was burning down. When we say hero a vast array of different definitions come to people’s minds. Our definition of hero in our world is most definitely not a constant. In the Epic of Gilgamesh and the novel Monkey many would consider the main characters and their strongest companions nothing close toRead MoreThe Hero s Journey From The Epic Of Gilgamesh942 Words   |  4 Pages Gilgamesh was a powerful king of Uruk an ancient city in Sumer now known as Iraq. Created by the gods, Gilgamesh was 2/3 god and 1/3 man he thought of himself as undefeatable, and carried himself immorally, taking advantage of his people. Being tired of this the people of Uruk began sobbing, and the goddess Aruru heard their cries and created Gilgamesh s equal Enkidu. Together they would go on to venture into battles, one of which leads to the death of Enkidu that brings Gilgamesh to his veryRead More Comparing the Hero in Epic of Gilgamesh and Homers Iliad Essay730 Words   |  3 PagesThe Hero in Epic of Gilgamesh and the Iliad    One and the same lot for the man who hangs back and the man who battles hard. The same honor waits for the coward and the brave. They both go down to Death, the fighter who shirks, the one who works to exhaustion. (IX,385-88) Thus muses Achilles, one of epic poetrys greatest heroes. Epic poetry, one of the earliest forms of literature, began as an oral narration describing a series of mythical or historic events. EventuallyRead MoreOdysseus Or Gilgamesh - Will The Real Epic Hero Please Stand Up?1640 Words   |  7 PagesOdysseus or Gilgamesh - Will the real Epic Hero please stand up? â€Å"Gilgamesh went to the entrance into the mountain and entered the darkness alone, without a companion. By the time he reached the end of the first league the darkness was total, nothing behind or before. He made his way, companionless, to the end† (Book 9 p. 51, The Epic of Gilgamesh). In The Epic of Gilgamesh, an epic poem translated by N.K. Sanders, Gilgamesh is a character who is by all accounts an epic hero. As a person of nobilityRead More Creation, Flood and the Hero in Epic of Gilgamesh and Book of Genesis of the Christian Bible1020 Words   |  5 PagesCreation, Flood and the Hero in Gilgamesh and the Bible    The Epic of Gilgamesh compares to the Bible in many different ways. The epic has a different perspective than the Bible does. This paper is a contrast and comparison between the two books. The three main points of this paper will be the Creation, Flood and the Hero.    The way these two books start out is creation. This is the first similarity that we can state. God created man out of the earth, â€Å"In the beginning God created

Analysis of Anne Bradstreet’s Poems Free Essays

ENGL2010 February 10, 2013 Analysis of Anne Bradstreet’s Poems Anne Bradstreet’s poem In Reference to Her Children, 23 June 1659 is a poem telling of her love, care, and worries for her children. In Reference to her Children† is both metaphorical and symbolic, expressing everything from pathos to love and a hope for her eternal reward. (www. We will write a custom essay sample on Analysis of Anne Bradstreet’s Poems or any similar topic only for you Order Now papermasters. com) The poem is structured with a single stanza with every other line rhyming. The speaker seems to be speaking to a semi- private audience given the intimacy of the poem, and the way it speaks to the children. The tone of this poem is familiar, using the language in an abstract way by being birds; but the language is also concrete, and it is not hard to understand what this mother is trying to say. In lines 1-40, Bradstreet sets up an image of a mother bird and her nest filled with babies: four girls and four boys, representative of a human mother and her children. The speaker seems to be Bradstreet, speaking the poem first as a story about her children, as the tone changes near the end of the poem though it is clear she is writing the poem to her children. The speaker tells an emotional story of her time and experiences with her children over the years of them discovering their own independent lives. Bradstreet uses this poem to express her love and worries for her children as they grow and develop their own lives. The tone of this poem seems to be semi joyful, and familiar in the beginning, of a mother telling about her children being born and nursed with pain and care. In line four, the speaker tells of sparing nothing in order to take care of her young; showing how deep her love is for them. At first it sounds joyful as she speaks of how her young â€Å"Mounted the trees, and learned to sing† (Bradstreet) this line gives the sense of joy that comes with learning, nature and singing. The tone then changes, while the speaker is telling of her oldest bird growing up and taking flight, she becomes very sad because she worries for and misses her son. The speaker tells how most of her young have moved on, telling of their ambitions and circumstances of leaving. She makes it clear in lines 11 and 12 she does not want to let her children go, she needs them to be with her where she can enjoy singing and caring for them. There are five children who have left her home, leaving her with three at home. She expresses worries for the three because they soon will â€Å"take their flight† (Bradstreet). This poem shows a sincere care for the children, wishing them well. The speaker talks of praying for her children and only wanting good to come to their lives. Her thoughts stay steady of her children throughout the whole poem, this poem is the result of the endless love and care she has for her children. After telling of how her children came to spread their wings, the tone turns sad, while acknowledging her natural fears as a mother. She says, â€Å"If birds could weep, then my would my tears†; â€Å"Let others know what are my fears† (lines 41, 42) shows how much she fears for the children’s safety. The speaker begins to imagine a sequence of bad events that could happen to the children. The speaker finds herself overwhelmed with sadness and thoughts of how tenderly she cared for her children. The speaker tells of her raw emotions in line 60, expressing the intense pain her worrying is causing her body; â€Å"My throbs such now as ‘fore were never’. One of the speakers concerns are the ignorance’s of danger, because of this concern line 65 warns her children saying 62, â€Å"to your safety have and eye, so happy may you live and die†. This part of the poem makes it more obvious that she is speaking directly to her children. The poem takes a slight turn in tones, the speaker goes from pure worry and stress about her children to a sense of acceptance. Statement that sticks out in showing acceptance are; â€Å"Meanwhile my days in tunes ill spend Till my weak lays (poems) with me shall end† (lines 67-68); â€Å"In shady woods ill sit and sing, And things that passed to mind ill bring†(69-70). These lines are the first ones in which she really indicated anything of herself and what she will do, without involving the children except by memories. This shows some signs of accepting her children have to do what they will and admitting she will continue to move forward without them in her nest. The speaker goes on to speak of not lamenting her age; this shows she accepts the years that have gone by and has no regrets. The speaker is accepting her age and the fact that her flight is soon to come; but this will be the most important flight, the one to her heaven. After she begins to accept her age and the fact that her children are developing their own lives the poem takes on a sense of contentment. The poem In Reference to Her Children seems to be a sort of therapy for Bradstreet as she goes though the stages of grieving for her children. The poem shows all the different stages of acceptance, during a situation that was started with uncertainty. Bradstreet was one of the first American poets since the movement from England. Like many women writers in the nineteenth century, Bradstreet used print to publicize the supposedly private experiences of a woman. (VanEgen) Bradstreet was heavily criticized for this, being as the puritan view saw women as mothers and wives and nothing more, using her poems for reasons to say she must be a bad mother, puritan or wife because of her time used to write. In reality Bradstreet was good at all of those things finding the time to write after her work as a mother. Bradstreet found a way to find a public voice without violating cultural standards of privacy; she brought attention to the experiences of women and helped to re-envision their place in a society centered on the home (VanEgen). She uses her poems as a tool that helps her to accept and analyze the situations she finds herself in. he care and thought she puts into her words are a kind of organizer for her feelings and wants a way to see her life in a new perspective, helping her to cope or accept. Works Cited Bradstreet, Anne. In Reference to her Children, 23 June1659. New York: New York, 2012. Print, 20 Feb. 2013. VanEngen, Abram. â€Å"Advertising the domestic: Anne Bradstreet’s sentimental poetics. † Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers 28. 1 (2011): 47+. Academic OneFile. Web. 27 Feb. 2013. Analysis of â€Å"In Reference to Her Children†. Paper Mas ters Custom Writing Service Web, 20 Feb. 2013 How to cite Analysis of Anne Bradstreet’s Poems, Papers

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Legalize Pot Essays - Drug Culture, Drug Control Law,

Legalize Pot There is no denying that the drug problem in our country today has reached epidemic proportions. The problem has gotten so out of hand that many options are being considered to control and/or solve it. Ending the drug war may not seem to be the best answer at first, but the so-called war on drugs has actually accomplished very little. Different options need to be considered. Legalization is an option that hasn't gotten much of a chance, but should be given one. It is my position that marijuana should be legalized. Although many people feel that the legalization of marijuana would result in an increase in the amount of crime and drug abuse, I contend that the opposite is true. While I admit that there might be an initial increase in use, I feel that it would gradually wane, and that the crime rate would be reduced immediately. Furthermore, legalization would reduce the enormous amount of money spent on enforcement while at the same time increasing our country's revenue. In 1996 voters in both California and Arizona approved ballot measures exempting physicians and patients from criminal prosecution when marijuana is prescribed for medical purposes in the relief of pain or other symptoms caused by cancer, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), glaucoma, arthritis, and other illnesses and chronic conditions. The Massachusetts and Ohio legislatures enacted similar medical necessity laws in 1996. However, the U.S. government, which opposes such exemptions to anti-marijuana laws, warned physicians in these states that they may lose federally sanctioned privileges for writing prescriptions for controlled substances, be barred from participation in federal Medicare and Medicaid programs, and face federal criminal prosecution for prescribing marijuana (1). The legalization of marijuana would be a boom to the economy. During prohibition, alcohol was still sold and used, but people were doing it illegally. The 21st amendment repealed prohibition, and alcohol taxes were increased. The same thing should happen with pot. Marijuana could be heavily taxed to increase our countrys revenue. Moreover, major companies operating under strict government regulations would legally produce marijuana, resulting in a higher quality product free of poisons and other adulterants (2). Making marijuana legal would greatly reduce the vast amount of money spent on drug law enforcement every year. Drug dealers and users seem to constantly be one step ahead of the authorities, anyway. If one drug lord is caught, for instance, another one turns up somewhere else to take his place. We cannot win. For example: In 1990, well over 10 billion dollars was spent on drug enforcement alone. Drugs accounted for more than 40 percent of all felony indictments in our nations courts in 1992. This figure is quadruple what it was in 1985. Forty percent of the people in federal prison are drug law violators (2). One can only imagine what this figure would be like today. Too much money is wasted on a cause that there seems to be no end to. In 1989, a Republican county executive of Mercer County, NJ estimated that it would cost as much as one billion dollars to build the jail space needed to house all of the drug offenders in Trenton alone (2). All of this money could certainly be used on better things. By lifting the ban on marijuana and treating it like other drugs such as tobacco and alcohol, the nation would gain both immediate and long-term benefits. This change in the law would greatly improve the quality of life for many people in need of the herbs medicinal properties (3). Victims of cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, glaucoma, arthritis, migraine, or any other illness for which marijuana provides relief, for example, would find quality marijuana readily available. Also, the cloud of suspicion over marijuana would disappear, and doctors could get on with legitimate investigating of the plant's medical uses without fear of controversy (4). Meanwhile, the black market would disappear overnight. Some arrangement would be made to license the production of marijuana cigarettes. The untold multitudes of dealers would be put out of business, and a major source of financial loss to the economy would become one of financial gain. It is difficult to say what effect this change alone would have on crime, however, since criminals